Teak Refinishing

What is Teak Refinishing?

Teak refinishing is the process of reversing damage caused by the effects of weathering and use of inferior protective coatings on outdoor teak furniture. Has your teak furniture weathered to an unsightly grayish black color? Does it have a finish that has begun to blister and peel? If you have answered yes to either of these questions you have come to the right place. We are experts in transforming damaged teak furniture back to showroom condition.


Our Teak Refinishing Process

Our process begins with a mild surface clean to remove the weathering effects of dirt, mold, and oxidation. If your teak furniture has a coating that is blistering or peeling such as teak oil or varnish, it will be removed with a biodegradable stripping agent. After teak wood has dried thoroughly it will be sanded to remove the remaining oxidation and debris. We sand all areas of your teak furniture including the bottom and between the slats. Meticulous care is given to all areas when sanding to preserve the woods’ edges and detail. Sanding will leave the surface of the wood smooth to the touch and prepare it for the protective coating to adhere correctly. When sanding has been completed the wood will be cleaned and brightened to promote color and prevent mold. A protective coating will be applied to your teak furniture based on color preference and weathering characteristics of your area.

Protecting New Teak Furniture

Teak furniture needs to be protected immediately when it is placed outdoors. The damaging effects of weather can change the appearance of your teak furniture in just a couple days. We offer a wide array of protective coatings for outdoor teak furniture based on your preference. We offer semi-transparent and solid stains as well as enamels to coat your teak furniture. We find that many clients prefer keeping their new teak furniture close to its original color. We recommend the use of sealers to keep teak furniture in the same color range as purchased. Sealers offer superior protection for outdoor teak furniture and allow for easy maintenance.

Quality Teak Furniture Repair

Your outdoor teak furniture may need an occasional repair to keep it structurally sound. Our teak furniture repairs are performed by craftsman with years of hands on experience working with fine teak furniture. All teak furniture repairs are performed to according to manufacturer’s specifications and many times exceed them. We use only the finest teak lumber when replacing missing parts. Our knowledgeable teak repair technicians are proficient all in teak furniture joinery such as mortise and tenon, dovetail, dowel joints, and edge joints and use only the highest quality marine grade glues. We are certified factory endorsed repair technicians for high end teak manufacturers such as Brown Jordan, Gloster, Teak Warehouse, Domus, Jensen Leisure, and more.

Teak Furniture Maintenance Program

After your teak furniture has been restored, only periodic maintenance is needed to keep it looking its best. The natural oils in our preservative coatings will dissolve over the course of 8-12 months. At this time we will send a reminder letting you know it’s time to schedule annual teak maintenance service. We perform our teak furniture maintenances at your home right in front of you. Annual maintenance involves only light spot sanding, cleaning, and recoating. Many of our maintenances can be done in just a couple hours. If you live in an area close to the ocean or an area constant extreme sun, your teak furniture may need additional follow up to keep it fully protected. We can formulate a simple plan to periodically follow up with you by checking in to make sure your teak investment is looking its best all the time.

How Much Does Teak Refinishing Cost?

The cost of teak refinishing is custom formulated based on the condition of your furniture. We evaluate each clients teak furniture based on factors such as weathering, removing previous coatings, and reversing damaged caused by power washing or excessive cleaning. We always offer free onsite estimates and most often can quote a firm price right over the phone with just a few simple questions.

Do You Work Onsite Or Pick Up?

Off Site Service: We are constantly striving to provide advanced teak furniture care with a better experience. We offer free pickup and delivery to all of Southern California with immediate pickup usually within 24 hours and delivered to you in about a week or less. Our premium offsite service gives your furniture the finest care possible by performing your teak refinishing project the thoroughly and systematically. It is always best to perform teak refinishing in a controlled environment free from outside moisture. Our offsite service eliminates dust, chemicals, and noise off your premises and away from your neighbors.

Onsite Service: Onsite service can be performed at the convenience of your home right in front of you. Our mobile service technicians stationed in Los Angeles and Orange County, and San Diego are ready to efficiently transform your teak furniture back to new again. Our onsite technicians meticulously protect all surfaces when performing teak refinishing onsite. All work areas will be thoroughly cleaned, leaving them just as they were before we arrived.

What Areas Do you Service For Teak Refinishing?

We provide teak refinishing services to all of Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Riverside Counties. Our 5,200 square foot facility is centrally located in Southern California for quick and immediate onsite and offsite service. Our mobile crews stationed in Los Angeles and Orange County allows for quick and easy onsite service.