We found Teak Master after seeing one of their trucks driving on PCH in Malibu. We called the number while we were driving and Tim Gilliam the owner picked up the phone. Tim suggested his foreman Ernie, who was driving, meet us at our home to take a look at our furniture. Ernie inspected our furniture and pointed out that it was made by Smith and Hawken. He informed us know that the S & H finish we had applied several years ago was no longer available and why it wasn’t a good product to begin with. He let us know what needed to be done to our furniture with Tim on speaker phone to give us pricing. We found the pricing reasonable compared to buying new so we allowed Ernie to load the truck with our furniture. A week and a half later the furniture was delivered. It looked breathtaking and we were blown away. The whole process was simple from beginning to end. Definitely the best investment we have made this year. Our highest regards to Tim and Ernie.

Dave McCoy- Malibu

We have a beautiful Ipe deck that was built 3 years ago. Our deck contractor applied a dark coating that was sticky and never dried. He came back a number of times to clean and solve the problem but never could get it right. A year later we had a so called “deck professional” come out and he applied a “soy based” product to our deck which looked great for about 3 months. Soon after, the finish began to blister and particles flew in the air when there was wind and landed in our pool. A neighbor suggested we call Teak Master to come out and take a look at the deck. The owner Tim Gilliam showed up on time and explained to us why the deck finish was deteriorating. He let us know top coating finishes do not work well with Ipe because it cannot penetrate dense Ipe wood. I admit even despite Teak Master’s licensed contractor credentials, their website and great online reviews and even a referral from our neighbor, we were skeptical. We have been through so much with this deck with everybody telling us different products to use, and Tim took all of our skepticism in stride. Tim and another crew member answered all of our concerns involving protective finishes for Ipe and explained why his techniques and products were superior. He did countless samples for us with different Ipe deck products at our request. He was very patient with us and was very thorough about making us knowledgeable and comfortable with their finishes. By the time we decided to move forward with the project, we had no reservations about hiring Teak Master. Their crew showed up on time each and every day and handled the challenges of the usual Brentwood morning mist. They covered our pool, stripped off the old finish, sanded, and applied the coating. We are very happy with the results and the deck has never looked better. We have set a planned maintenance schedule to reapply the coating so we never have to go through this again. I couldn’t imagine using anyone else to keep our deck protected.

Josh and Ashley Nichole Wilson- Brentwood

I left a citronella candle on the top of our new teak table and it melted all over it in the hot summer sun. I tried diligently to remove it with no luck, I totally failed. I called Teak Master simply for advice on how to remove it. They suggested a couple different methods to my but my confidence had already been shattered. A couple days later we had a technician come out and work his magic. He removed all of the wax that had embedded itself into the wood quite methodically. We ended up having our entire set sealed the same day as well. Thanks for saving our teak set and me from endless hours of work.

Chelisa Ford- Calabasas

We found our experience with Teak Master to be very pleasant and quite easy. They showed up on time for the estimate and the date we set. We felt comfortable with their process and knowledge about maintaining our teak furniture. We were impressed at how detailed their crew was and how hard they worked for the entire time they were at our home. We are very pleased with the outcome and look forward to our maintenance date.

Curtis Blackwell- Santa Monica

We chose Teak Master for several reasons. They are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the work they do. They are located in Los Angeles and had been referred to us by Teak Warehouse in Redondo Beach. Their work was prompt and remarkable and frankly exceeded our expectations. They did everything I asked of them including installing chair glides, cutting an umbrella hole in the center of our table, and returning the furniture within one week in time for our family gathering. Thumbs up to true teak professionals!

Sevan Chaim- Palos Verdes

We live in Pasadena and have a Mangaris wood deck the meets our infinity pool. The wood is constantly getting doused with pool water and it looked terrible for a long time. We had other companies come out to try and fix the deck to no avail. Teak Master was incredible! They came out and cleaned the deck on the first day. They returned the following day to sand and stain. I was totally blown away at how the gray color disappeared and the new color vibrant color was restored. They were overly clean and neat and hose off all surface and our plants. Their crew was very responsive and answered all of my questions when I came outside to ask. The finish looks amazing, the water damage is gone, and our beautiful deck has returned.

Krista Nichimoto- Pasadena