Deck Refinishing in Los Angeles

What is Deck Refinishing?

Deck refinishing means restoring wood decks back to their original look through the use of our proven restoration techniques. Wood decks throughout Los Angeles have different weathering patterns depending on the climate they are located in. Wood decks may be located in the extreme sun of the Hollywood Hills and can also be found in the moist coastal climate of Malibu. Both of these cities are located in Los Angeles but have dramatically different weather patterns. When wood decks are not maintained they will weather gray in color. When wood decks have not been coated with the correct protective products they will weather unevenly. The combination of diverse and extreme weathering patterns or the use of an inferior product is probably why you are in search for a deck refinishing company in Los Angeles. Our company understands the varied climates of Los Angeles when it comes to restoring and maintaining wood decks. Our years of hands on experience refinishing and maintaining wood deck such as Ipe, Teak, Mangaris, Redwood, Camaru, and Mahogany have allowed us to narrow down the best products to maintain your wood deck investment.

What is Teak Master’s Deck Refinishing Method?

Our deck refinishing methods are based on the severity of weathering that your wood deck has endured. It is also based on the type of wood it is and if there is a deteriorating coating currently on it that needs to be removed. Our deck refinishing method begins with a surface clean to remove the top layer of dirt, oxidation, and mold. After the wood has thoroughly dried it will be sanded to remove the remaining debris while restoring a smooth texture back to the wood. Sanding is the only true way to give your wood deck new life. Thorough sanding will take off a very fine layer of wood so that your deck can be recoated with the correct protective finish. After our sanding process has been completed we will brighten the wood to promote color. Wood bleaching will remove color imperfections in the wood and will allow the sealer to adhere to the wood better. After our wood brightening process has been completed, we will apply a protective coating according to your specific wood type.

When and How Should New Wood Decks Be Protected?

New wood decks need to be coated with the proper protective coating from the beginning to avoid the need for deck refinishing. Sun, rain, and dirt can change the appearance of your new deck immediately if it is unprotected. It is always best to coat your wood deck within 2 weeks to avoid damage. Woods such as Ipe, Teak, Mangaris, and Redwood have natural oils that are embedded in the wood when it is new. Allowing the wood to be in the elements for a short amount of time will allow some of the natural oils in the wood to deplete. This allows the protective coatings to penetrate deep and adhere to the wood. Our protecting method for new decks begins by applying wood conditioner and brightener to remove tannins, mill glaze, and mold that may be embedded in the wood. Depending on your decks’ wood type protective coating may vary. We employ the use of penetrating oil based sealers for protecting Teak, Ipe, Mangaris, Camaru, Tigerwood, Redwood, and Cedar. Our protective sealers contain high quality natural penetrating oil solvents such as tung and linseed to embed itself deep into the core of the wood along with solids and UV protectors to prevent discoloration. We also offer a wide array of water based protective coatings for decks made of Redwood and Cedar. These water based coatings come in semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid shades and provide a topical barrier against the ravages of weathering and discoloration. Sealing new wood decks with the correct protective coating from the beginning is the best way to protect your investment.

Does Teak Master Perform Deck Repairs?

We are experts at performing deck repairs consisting such as board replacement and correcting fastening systems. If your wood deck has boards that have deteriorated due to dry rot or termites they can be easily replaced with high quality lumber. We have immediate access to all top quality board lumber such as Clear Redwood, Ipe, Teak, Diamond Mangaris, and Camaru. If your deck has cupped due to improper drying of lumber we can replace the cupped boards with new boards that are kiln dried and guaranteed not to cup. We are familiar with all decking clip systems and fasteners when replacing boards. If your deck has been fastened with screws that have not been countersunk properly, in most cases they can be countersunk correctly. We work with licensed deck builders in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Barbara who can build top quality decks or can repair structural damage.

How Often Does My Wood Deck Need To Be Maintained?

Wood decks need to be maintained to keep them fully protected and looking their best. Over time natural weathering elements will break down your decks protective coating. They key to keeping your deck protected and in good condition is being informed when it is time to recoat. After we have restored or sealed your new wood deck we will plan a maintenance schedule based on wood type, climate, and finish. Wood decks made of Mangaris, Camaru, Ipe, and Teak requires maintenance every 6 to 12 months. These woods are extremely dense and therefore do not accept as much protective coatings as Redwood or Cedar. Cedar and Redwood should be recoated every 1-2 years depending on finish and weathering patterns. All of our protective coatings are easily maintainable. We never recommend or suggest the use of varnish, urethane, film finishes, or epoxy on wood decks because they are not easily maintainable and offer no greater protection for your wood deck. Most decks can be recoated in just one day depending on size. Our deck maintenance program will alert you with reminders letting you know it is time to recoat your deck. We are always available to stop by and take a look at your deck should you have any questions regarding maintenance timing.

What Cities Does Teak Master Service?

We have been contracted to restore wood decks from San Francisco to San Diego. Our main focus is restoring wood decks throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and San Diego. Our crew of trained deck refinishing technicians can quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently tackle projects of any size and any wood type.

How Much Does Deck Refinishing Cost?

We understand you may have been left out in the cold about the proper care and maintenance of your wood deck. You may question if your wood deck can ever look the way it did when it was built. These types of concerns are what we address on a daily basis. Our goal is to make sure you are fully informed on what it takes to get your wood deck back to new condition. The best way to quote a deck restoration project is to see it in person. We offer free on site evaluations so we can walk through and meet with you to let you know what is involved with the restoration process and what the care will be in the future. We take in much consideration when we bid deck refinishing projects. We will evaluate how old the deck is, review the severity of weathering, check for a deteriorating coating, and type of wood it is made of, verify structural integrity, and size. Climate and amount of sun it receives daily will be considered to formulate a maintenance schedule. The cost of deck refinishing will add value to your home and also provide a safe, clean, and comfortable outdoor living space. Deck refinishing is very reasonable compared to replacing your wood investment with a plastic deck.